Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Put These Sculptures Outside?

It depends. The wall sculptures featured in my shopify store are intended for indoor display and decoration as 'art objects'. They are made of a material called Hydrostone. A  cement/plaster powder which, when mixed with water and allowed to harden, forms a very white, very tough surface which displays detail and color beautifully. However, by itself, Hydrostone is NOT resistant to water exposure.If the sculptures are located out of doors, in a dry, protected, area, during summer months,( or in a southern area) they may be okay. Locating these pieces in a dry area of a bathroom would most likely not be a problem either. For outdoor and tile installations, I have a separate website ,, where I offer waterproof concrete tiles .

Can I Get a Custom Design Made?

Sometimes. I created this particular line of sculpture to offer hand made,  high quality art items, at an affordable price. I can do this by employing molds to reproduce my artwork, but, there is still an enormous amount of time and handwork involved. To have a 'one of a kind' sculpture made would be expensive. If the  design requested is something I feel would be widely interesting to folks, then I will sometimes create custom pieces.

Can I Have the Item in a Color not Shown on the Listing?

Yes. That is generally not a problem.